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Author Topic: P/OS - Verse GNU/Linux+BSD #1  (Read 6 times) Support

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P/OS - Verse GNU/Linux+BSD #1
« on: November 05, 2019, 10:23:49 AM »

Nice day all,

It's complicated to tell about the P/OS... There are many views and ideas at the moment.
True is, it will be an hybrid system from open source Software and propritäry software, with all economic options and matters, as far as possible.
We dont speak about assimilation or other unjustifiable application in the point P/OS.
Its more, a new way which is in planning.

Verse GNU/Linux+BSD is an linux kernel driven non-profit open source software operating system forked from gentoo with license protected (BSD License) by the project (Verse) with netbsd's "pkgsrc" package manager with a self-funding topic with data collection about the usual possibilities.

Verse is released on and

Verse is important for P/OS and a complete own project.
P/OS has to wait a long time to see what it will be and when it will be released.

- akb