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Author Topic: Layout/Transparency of and its Products.  (Read 22 times) Support

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Layout/Transparency of and its Products.
« on: November 05, 2019, 09:32:22 AM »

Good day every-/one/where,

for transparency of and all products, like etc is to say by increased visitor numbers last times continously will go new ways of economic state of art.
The next points will be the closer and finalized with success of the roadmap.

* Usage of the external services and invitation around the world, like datacenters etc.
* Building global/international presences of all products.
* rejects a complete self-development and hosting from corporate-principal matters, as well as the founder.
* Yes, there is data collection and marketing, but its in the mostly situations a good thing.
* in its own opinion, goes with the political future of international objects, with international laws and regulations without exception.

** There are many more points that are related to this roadmap to this points.

- akb
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